IF YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEGINNER we suggest that you sign up for our BEGINNERS COURSE
(maximum 3 students per group) or take a private course. You will get all the essential information, learn how to control the kite, how to stand up on the board and we guarantee you will have a lot of fun on your first steps towards becoming a kite-boarder.
Prices include all equipment, instructor, transfers, full use of beach facilities and rescue service if needed.

Beginners course
(3x3 hours)

3603X 3 hours

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Introduction course
(2x3 hours)

2602X 3hours

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HAD SOME KITE-BOARDING LESSONS and have learned kite control, body-drag or water-start, you can continue with our course for INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED KITE-BOARDERS (3 or 6 hours group courses) or private hourly lessons. We will simply pick up where you left off.
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Intermediate/Advanced (1x3 hours)

1501Χ 3hours

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Intermediate/Advanced (2x3 hours)

2602Χ 3hours

 IF YOU HAVEN’T KITESURFED IN A VERY LONG TIME or just don’t feel confident enough in a new spot with different wind conditions then the REFRESHER COURSE or some private lessons would be suitable for you. Prices include all equipment, instructor, transfers, full use of beach facilities and rescue service if needed.

Refresher course
(1x3 hours)

1503 hours


Gift Voucher
(Hours of your choice)

Amount of your choice

GIFT CARD redeemable at AirRiders kiteprocenter, Kremasti, for goods and services not exceeding the indicated remaining credit balance on the card. Your use of this gift card constitutes acceptances of these terms:

  • This gift card may be applied towards any purchase made at Air Riders kiteprocenter location in Kremasti, Rhodes, Greece.
  • This gift card is not exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Valid for 2 years from the date of issue.


Private lesson (1hour)

801 hour


Private Course (2x3 hours)

4202Χ 3hours


IF YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT KITESURFER and can kite upwind with no problem then you are welcome to rent equipment. We rent hourly, daily or weekly and allow you the flexibility of changing equipment, different sizes and models, whenever you like throughout your sessions. Also, you can purchase insurance for the equipment in case of damage. The rescue service, full use of beach facilities and transfers from your hotel are included in the rental price.

IF YOU ARE COMING WITH YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT you can choose either storage or beach access. Choosing the storage option will allow you to keep your equipment securely in our station during your holidays and includes full use of our beach facilities and the rescue service if needed. Beach access is for those who want to use our spot and allows you full use of the facilities as well as our rescue service.

1 Hour Rental (including equipment insurance) 50€
5 Hour Card (including equipment insurance) 200€
10 Hour Card (including equipment insurance) 350€
1 Day Rental (including equipment insurance) 110€
1 Week Rental Full equipment (6 days) 335€
2 Weeks Rental Full equipment (12 days) 520€
Board only (50% of full rental price)  
Kite Only (70% of full rental price)  
STORAGE (rescue included)
1 Week Storage 90€
2 Weeks Storage 160€
3 Weeks Storage 210€
4 Weeks Storage 250€
BEACH ACCESS (rescue included)
1 day 15€
1 week 50€
2 weeks 90€